Sep 10, 2013

{ Cheerleader outfits for sale! }

Hey girls!

Here is Emily modeling the super cute purple cheerleader uniform.

This adorable cheerleader uniform with pom poms is $20. Does not include necklace.

I love the jacket! Isn't it just so cute? The jacket is $13.

The white knit sweater is for $7.

The whole set.

Cheer uniform with pom poms- $20
Jacket- $13
White knit sweater- $7

Shipping and handling is $2.

Thanks for reading! This is a great deal! If you're not wanting purple (3 uniforms) there is 1 black uniform, 3 navy blue uniforms, 2 black jackets, 2 navy blue jackets, 3 purple jackets, 1 red jacket, 1 green jacket, and 3 white knit sweaters. :)   If you're interested, please email me at


  1. Wow! Those are super cute! Kassy would love it, maybe when I have more money.

  2. Awesome outfit and great prices too. I hope you sell all of them.

  3. Cute! I just found your site and love it!

  4. it over now, or can I still get the jacket?

    1. You can still purchase the jacket! -Danielle


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