Jul 11, 2013

Saige Paints The Sky (Full Movie!!)

                     The full movie of Saige Paints the Sky was on youtube! Enjoy! :)


  1. Cool! I am waiting for tonight to see the movie though! Idk why, I just want it to be a surprise I guess.

  2. What a dissapointment!My television CUT OUT the ending, so I came here to watch it, but AG blocked it. I guess I won't see the ending. :(

    1. well that's sad because sage has a happy life

  3. omg cant believe it 2 months ive been waiting 2 months to see this movie seriously

  4. I got the movie at Family Video! Lol I am surprised! It looked cheesy to me but I actually cried! I cried because Siage's life is just like my life! I don't see my BFF anymore and I am having big friend probs! ANNNNNDDDD Im a artest too! I have a little area for painting and drawing in my room! Thanks for this!

    -Meghan at girlydolltype.blogspot.com

  5. There teezing me i cant see anything please FIX IT Im dieing here come on iv been wanting to wach this!!!:(


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