Jul 27, 2013

AmericAnnMade review

Hey everyone!

I am going to do a review on an ADORABLE outfit from the etsy shop, AmericAnnMade. Thank you so much, Ann, for letting me review one of your outfits! 

Annabeth is modeling the outfit. Doesn't she look so cute? I love it!  

Here is the top part of the outfit. The design is really cute! The quality is great! 
I love the polka dots! These shoes came with the outfit, too. I really like them! They feel velvety... 
Isn't the back cute? I love how you can tie it in a bow. :)

Overall, I really love this outfit! It's so cute! I would rate the outfit a 10 out of a 10. (Ten being the best.) The service was excellent! I would really recommend buying from AmericAnnMade! She is also very nice. More reviews of her clothing will be up next week because I will be on vacation...

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thank you, Danielle, for reviewing one of my outfits. I really appreciate it. Have a great time on your vacation.



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