Jun 30, 2013

ShimmerMyst Review!

Hi girls! Today I am going to review a really cute skirt from the etsy shop called, ShimmerMyst! Thank you so much ShimmerMyst, for letting me review your skirt!                     

Here is Molly modeling for me. The skirt is the only item I am reviewing. 

Isn't that cute? Even though it's just a basic pink flare skirt, it really completes the whole outfit! It fits her great...

Here is the back of the skirt. 

Molly being cute!

I adore this skirt! The fabric is so soft and silky.  She'll love this! I would rate this skirt 10 out of 10 because it's just really cute on my dolls!

Tell he how you like your ShimmerMyst clothing!



  1. cute skirt! Thanks for sharing Danielle!

    1. It really is! Thanks for the comment, Spicy's!


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