Jun 17, 2013

Michelle'sAGMinis Review

Hey there!
Michelle from Michelle'sAGMinis kindly donated some doll food for me to review! Thank you so much, Michelle!

Felicity and Elizabeth went on a picnic with their dog Coconut. They brought along some of their favorite foods!

Here is a close up of the food! There are hamburgers, hot dogs, and cookies. Yum! They look so realistic. They look good enough for me to eat! I love them!

Felicity with her hot dog. This hot dog is adorable! I love it! It has some mustard, onions, and relish. The quality is very good. 

She loves the hot dog!

Elizabeth holding the other hot dog. This one just has ketchup. The bread looks real! Again, very realistic and super cute!

The cookie! The cookies look just like the delicious cookies from Knott's Berry Farm. They fit inside her hand. She loved them; so do I!

Overall, I love everything! They are all so adorable and realistic. Your doll would Love them! I would rate the hamburgers, hot dogs, and cookies a 10 out of a 10. (Ten being the best.) They are so worth the price. I wouldn't regret buying anything from Michelle's etsy shop. Tell me how you like your MichellesAGMinis doll food!


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  1. I love these! They're SOOO adorable!!!!

    See Ya!


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