Jun 17, 2013

AuntBeesOldSewNSew Review

Hey AG lovers!

I am going to review an outfit from the etsy shop called AuntBeesOldSewNSew! Thank you so much, Buffy!

Here is the outfit! Isn't that adorable? Saige thinks it's super cute.

The shirt is really pretty. It has a beautiful horse on it with feathers on it's mane. There is purple, yellow, and light green on the feathers.

The capris are really unique! I love the feathers! They are really good quality. The only problem was putting them on. They are a bit snug, but they still look cute. 

The back of them ends a little bit lower than her bottom. Aren't they cute, though?!

Overall, I think the outfit is really pretty. I know your doll would love it! I would rate the entire outfit a 9 out of a 10. (Ten being the best.) I think the capris could maybe fit a little looser. :) 
Do you really want an outfit but can't afford the shipping? Well, if you use the coupon code "SPRINGTHING", you get free shipping! The offer ends on June 22nd. Hurry up!

Tell me how you like your AuntBeesOldSewNSew clothes!



  1. So cute! The details make it unique, and we think it fits Saige VERY well!


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