May 24, 2013

Summer Reading Book Club // 1st Book

Yay! So far, nine girls have joined the Book Club. It's not too late to join. Just go to the page above called, 'Summer Reading Book Club'. All the info is in there. I am announcing the first book we are reading. After choosing a book from your favorite books, it is.........

Little House in the Big Woods!

I love LHOTP! The books and the show are amazing. If you don't have the book, let me know so I can email it to you. So I can see you have attended the meeting, please comment and say you are here!
Please read 4 chapters. They are called, Little house in the Big Woods, Winter Days and Winter Nights, The long Rifle, and Christmas. The official meeting with the questions is on May 31st. Please be here!

Any questions? Email me or comment down below! :) Danielle


  1. Here! :). I'll get it from the library.

  2. Here! :) I own it and can't wait to read it again.

  3. Here! I don't have the book, but I email you.

  4. I just emailed you to join! I'm here! And I have it, I'll start reading it tonight!

  5. I'll Join! What if I've already read the book? Should I read those Chapters again to freshen up my memory?

  6. Here! I just joined! Anyway, I already read the book and currently re-reading it! It's the special addition version that I have, the illustrations are colored!

  7. I'll join! :)
    And will read that book, I have it!

  8. I emailed you, and I'm here, and I have the book! I read it sooo many times when I was younger! Great idea!


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