May 9, 2013

Round 2 Results// Last round theme

Hey girls!

Everyone who entered did a great job. I was impressed! The theme for round 2 was Cutest Hairstyle. 
                                                          Going on to the last round is...

I love Jessica's doll Nellie!
Her hairstyle is so pretty. The blue ribbon makes her look
prettier! Congrats Jessica & Nellie for making it to the last round!

Carter's doll's hair is so pretty!
Her green flower and top goes really well together.
 Congrats Carter and Natalie for making it to the last round!

I am so sorry Michaela, you did a GREAT job though!
I love Julie's hair! Thanks for entering! :)

The last round is...... Favorite outfit! Send me a picture of your doll
in her favorite dress! Please send it to me by May 20th. 
Thanks for reading :)



  1. Man, I thought the deadline was the 10th, oh well(:(

    1. Hi Samantha!
      Awww :( Do you have the picture ready? :)

  2. Thanks Danielle! :) I will send my picture ASAP!

  3. Thanks! I'll send in my photo soon.


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