May 21, 2013

Readers Feedback

                                                                    Hi girls!

I asked some of my followers about their feedback on my blog. They gave me great responses. Thank you! 

  Doll Delight by The Spicys

I asked the Spicys, What's your favorite thing about my blog? 
They said: If we had to pick a favorite thing about American Girl #1 fans it would be the beautiful photography! We are always amazed by the beautiful photos! Also we love how different the posts are - there is always something new and exciting on American Girl #1 fan!

My American Girl's Story

Then, I asked Angelique, What is your favorite type of post on American Girl #1 Fans?
She said: I love this blog because it has beautiful photography and a sweet writer ;), I feel always inspired to be with my dolls more and more, by reading your doll blog and many others!

Whispers of the Wind

I asked Jess, What's your favorite thing about my blog?
She said: I love everything about your blog! I love that you are the author. Your posts are always interesting to read about and you always know what and when to post. Your dolls are adorable and your photography of them reflects it! I hope you continue to blog for many more years!

Thank you so much, girls! Danielle

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