May 8, 2013

// A photoshoot of Caroline Abbott//

Hey y'all!
 I just took pictures of my newest doll Caroline! She is gorgeous. Her curls are stunning. Her eyes are flawless! I really recommend her! She
is a great doll. If she would be your 1st or 2nd doll, I wouldn't get her
unless you know how to take care of curly doll hair.
Here is the photoshoot:

Tell me your favorite picture. :)


  1. Ahhhh! She is so pretty!

    Adollable Dolls

  2. She's gorgeous! I just got Samantha, do you have any tips for curly haired dolls?

    1. That's awesome! Never brush her hair out. The only time you can brush her hair out is when you finger curl each piece. You get a piece of hair, brush it out lightly, and finger curl it. It works with Caroline's hair, Saige, Ruthie, and it would probably work on Samantha! Hope that helped!


  3. I love Caroline! :) Just wondering, did you get my photo for the next round?

  4. We love ALL of these, each one is beautiful. Caroline is so stunning!

  5. She's so cute! Her eyes are so pretty!


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