Apr 23, 2013

Spring Photo Contest

Hey Y'all!

Guess what? I am hosting a Spring Photo Contest! This will be so much fun! There is a prize for the winner. I don't have the prize yet but I should be getting it soon. :) I'll give you a hint... Etsy!! 

How many rounds are there? There is going to be 3 rounds.

Will there be eliminations? Yes :( But I'm sure you're picture will still be great! 

Is there a prize? Yep!

Will I have to give out my address if I win? Yes, so make sure you get parent's permission if you're under 18.

Are you ready for the rules?

1. You MUST have parent permission

2. The first round's theme is Cutest Dress! Send me a picture of your doll in her cutest dress to my email at idanielley@Yahoo.com 

3. The last day to enter is April 30th :) Get your entries in!

p.s  I have 4 giveaways on my other blog! Go enter them! http://www.daniellefunblog.blogspot.com 

Here is an example...

Remember to HAVE FUN! Can't wait to see your entries! Danielle Marie


  1. I can't enter to win a prize, but can I send you a picture anyway?

  2. This sounds so fun! I can't wait to enter!
    Adollable Dolls

  3. I'm entering! I will send you my pic ASAP! :)


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