Apr 30, 2013

Spring Photo Contest Results


Hey AG lovers!

Remember the Spring Photo contest? Well 3 AG lovers entered! Thank you Jess, Carter, and Mikaela!

Look how cute Jessica's doll Nellie looks. :)
I love her dress! It's so cute. :) 
Jess, this is a great picture. :) 

This is Carter's doll Natalie.
Natalie's red dress is so pretty. :)
She looks very cute!

Here is Mikaela's doll Mikayla.
She is super cute! Her dress is so springy :)

Everyone did so well!
Since there is 3 rounds, I'm letting everyone who entered make it to round 2! Congrats :)

Send me a picture of your doll you entered in round 1 in her best hairstyle! 
Email me it by May 10th.

Thanks for reading! Danielle


  1. Man, I really wish I knew about this! I would have def. would have entered!

  2. Oh and I awarded you over at my blog!

  3. Thanks Danielle! :) I can't wait for the next round! I can't see my picture though. :P

  4. So you can't enter if you didn't realize there was one going on til' now?


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