Mar 27, 2013


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Mar 20, 2013

Annabeth's New Glasses part 1 Photostory

Hey there, AG lovers!

I have a photostory! I will have more parts up this week. Tell me how you like this one! :)



Ma: Annabeth, your glasses came today.
Annabeth: Oh no! Do I have to wear them?!

Ma: They will look great on ya Annie! Just give them a try.

Annabeth: Um, ok.
Ma: They're in that box.

*Ma pointed*

Annabeth: Ugh! Look at them!
Ma: Oh, what's wrong with those glasses?! They are adorable!

Annabeth: aah! Ma, they're awful!

Ma: Ha ha! Oops.. Um, they look fabulous!

Annabeth: *running* Thanks a lot! ;(
Thanks for reading!! Danielle

Mar 14, 2013

Here is Jan's guest post! :D send me yours!!

Hello, Danielle!

Here's my guest post:  Hello, girls!  This is Jan, doing a guest post for Danielle.  At first I wasn't quite sure what to write, but I came up with a great idea yesterday.  I hope you like it.  Im going to show you how to make cool flower clips for you.  (On a smaller scale, you could make these for your AG doll, too.  ). I got the idea from AmericanGirlFan, and just made a twist on it.  First, gather your supplies.  You will need fake flowers, small plain barrettes (you can find these in the jewelry making section of Joann Fabrics), and a glue gun.  First, if the flowers you bought have stems, cut them off so that all there is left is the actual flower.  Take one of the small barrettes and lay in flat on your craft surface.  Then, put a dot of glue from the glue gun on the underside of the flower, and stick it carefully on the barrette.  Be careful to let it dry ALL THE WAY before you try out your new hair accessory.  :). If you just bought smaller flowers and smaller barrettes, you can make the exact same craft for your AG doll.  I've never tried this craft before, so I don't know how it will turn out.  But I hope you enjoy it!  :). Bye!


Mar 7, 2013

Jan's interview!

Thanks so much Jan for letting me interview you! :) 

Please look at her awesome answers!

  How many dolls do you have? I have 8 dolls.
  How long have you been collecting? I have been interested in AG since I was about 5 or 6.  I don't know if you'd say I was collecting, but I suppose I avidly was a full fledged collector by 2010.  However, believe it or not, most of the AG stuff I have was bought before then, for my Felicity.
How did you find out about AG?  I don't really know.  I think my Mommy found out about it from someone, and we got a catalog.  And then I was like, ooh!  So, needless to say, soon I was begging for an AG doll.
 Do you have a limit of dolls to collect? No.  I don't think I want to have a limit, because I don't think anyone can have too many dolls, as long as you play with them all.
 What dolls do you own? My dolls are: Felicity Merriman, Agnes (Bitty Baby), Elsie Rose Dinsmore (A Life of Faith), Rebecca Rubin, Helen Catarina Patsy Jacqueline, Dorothy Ann, Nicki Fleming, and Saige Esther Copeland.  Felicity was my very first AG doll.  My blog is:
 How did you find out about this blog? I was 'american girl blog browsing' on the Internet, and I found your blog.  I've really liked it ever since.  

Thanks :D :D



Mar 6, 2013


Hey there!
Please send me a photostory of your dolls or the best pictures of your dolls! I will feature it on a post on this blog! :) 

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