Feb 17, 2013

You Choose


Are you ready? for You Choose? YaY! I'm bringing it back because there are new outfits on American Girl so this is the perfect time to do that! What is You Choose? You Choose is a game created by me and all you have to do is comment down below with the number of your favorite outfit! When there are 5 or more comments, the outift chosen is the winner : )




Feb 9, 2013


Hey Y'all!

Come to this link to win a prize from itsybitsytreats!!

Love, Danielle

Feb 7, 2013

Questions from Kate!

Hello AG lovers!

Kate is a big fan of American Girl and of my blog! She is so sweet! Here are her questions! 

1. Where did you hear about American Girl dolls?
I heard about American Girl dolls from a catalouge that came to my house! I fell in love with the dolls in 2006 and decided to get one for myself in 2007!
2. Do you have an innerstaru. com account? If you do what is your username?
I do, but I don't use it at all! I only used it once.
3. Do you like history dolls better or girl of the year dolls better and why?
I honestly like both. They are Beautiful dolls! If I would have to choose it would be the Girl of the years! Becuase they are only available for 1 year and they are in the style of that year :)
4. What is your favorite doll outfit?
Ooh, that's a hard one. Probably Emily's holiday outfit, all of Saige's, Caroline's, and Addy's clothing! I really adore those time periods.
5.What are some pieces of clothing you have made for your dolls?
I have actually crocheted doll hats and scarves! I sell them so if your interested, email me!! :)
Thanks Kate for asking me questions! If you have some questions you would like to know, comment below with them or email me them at idanielley@yahoo.com !!

Feb 5, 2013

Giveaway at 100 followers!, Photos in the past..

Hello girls!  Giveaways are lots of fun! I have won 3 giveaways in the past, A doll outfit(review is in the recent posts below), $5 starbucks giftcard, and a set of necklaces for my doll and me! Here are some photos in the past that I have taken...

Molly <3

Thanks for reading!! Love, Danielle

Soar with Saige

Soar with Saige

Hi there! Have you heard of the Soar with Saige Sweepstakes? Yep! There is a contest to win Saige and her hot air balloon! All you have to do is send American Girl a a drawing made by you on a hot air balloon. If you go to AmericanGirl.com, look for the template! It ends April 1st.

Thanks for reading and have fun!! I'm making one!! Are you? ~Danielle

Feb 3, 2013

An AG photoshoot

Hey Girls! I finally had the chance to do an AG photoshoot today!! :) It turned out great!! Tell me what you think!!:D Which is your favorite?

AnnaBeth is gorgeous!



Close-up <3

Felicity being beautiful!

LOVE this!!

Up high..

Whole outfit!

So pretty <3

Outift <3
They are so pretty!! Right?:) Tell me what ya think.