Jan 1, 2013

Welcome Saige!

Saige, GoTy 2013 is finally here! I love her!! I think she is very pretty. I Love her hair the most about her. Take a look:

The only thing that's upsetting is that the doll prices are raised up now at $110. American Girl gets higher and higher prices every year it seems like. Let's take a look at her collection!!
Saige's Sparkle Dress
This is adorable!! I really like this outfit, especially the boots!! Look at these boots :
Saige's Parade outfit and Hat
LOVE it! This outfit is in the middle of western and summer. Tall boots, 2 cute hats, what else more can you ask for?!?! ;)
Saige's Sweater Outfit
Cute <3 I adore this as well! Not my favorite, but real cute!!
Saige's Pajamas
In my opinion, it seem like a weird mixture of colors. I think they are cute though!
To see the rest of her collection go to, Americangirl.com!
Happy New Year!!
Love, Danielle


  1. I love Saige! I really want to get her. :) Though the prices are crazy!

  2. She is so cute!!!! I am really sad that AG is raising up their prices when the doll is so adorable!!!! When I got my first doll my mom said it was $95.00. Well I guess AG is making their money.

  3. I LOVE Saige!!! I'm saving up for her!!! she will be my second doll,I have Caroline:) Caroline will love to have a new friend:):):) HeHe.


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