Jan 1, 2013

Review of Whoa It's Me clothing

Hey girls! I recently won Karenmomofthree's craft blog giveaway! Trudy, from Whoa it's Me on etsy sponsered it. I will rate the piece of clothing a 1 to 5. Here are some pics of the outfit I won! Emily will show them off ;)

The whole outfit! (Sorry for the brightness)

Close up, Adorable!!

The skirt is an adorable ruffle skirt. On the top layer, it is a flower design. On the bottom, it is a solid purple. LOVE this!! Quality: 5

The sweater is super cute too! Love the green! It's very light and the stitching is nice. Quality: 5

The shirts are both simple yet fashionable <3 Simple tanks can be worn together or seperately. Quality: 5
The whole outfit it cute!! Thanks Trudy
~Love, Danielle


  1. I love the brightness! The style of the clothes is fab- all layered and pretty but not too pretty! Don't they say 'blue and green should never be seen except with scarlet in betwee'- ? How wrong that is!


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