Jan 4, 2013

My thoughts on Saige

Hi Girls! I think I did my thoughts on Mckenna so here are my thoughts on Saige! :)

I ADORE and LOVE Saige!! She is so cute and I love her!! I want her so badly! First, I really love her hair. Its a reddish/auburn color. It seems like Felicity's just with a touch of brown. It's very long like Caroline's. I also love her freckles! Freckles are adorable on dolls! Her clothes are real cute too. I think her clothes could have been cuter. Maybe instead of a solid color, something with a design. I Love her boots!! They look like my sister's!  Her ring is so unique, never seen anything like it for a doll! Her ears are pierced too! That's so great, pierced ears and a ring :P Thanks for reading my review!


  1. I no!!! Saige is a cutie!!! I am saving up for her! can't wait to get her:) and one more thing,what did you get for Christmas?

  2. She is super cute! Are you thinking about getting another doll, and if so what doll!

    From- Georgia

    1. I am actually thinking about getting her for my b-day!! :D


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