Nov 12, 2013

New posts coming!!

Hey AG lover! I am so sorry I haven't been posting. I've been pretty busy! But, I am going to have photostories, photoshoots, and doll posts coming up! I still LOVE dolls and I'll never stop loving them. Just letting you know so stay tuned! -Danielle

Oct 28, 2013

Cheerleader Outfits are still for sale!

Hi AG lover!

I'm still selling the cheerleader outfits, (post below). Please, if you're interested let me know! Email me at Maybe I can give you a small discount. :) 

Sep 10, 2013

{ Cheerleader outfits for sale! }

Hey girls!

Here is Emily modeling the super cute purple cheerleader uniform.

This adorable cheerleader uniform with pom poms is $20. Does not include necklace.

I love the jacket! Isn't it just so cute? The jacket is $13.

The white knit sweater is for $7.

The whole set.

Cheer uniform with pom poms- $20
Jacket- $13
White knit sweater- $7

Shipping and handling is $2.

Thanks for reading! This is a great deal! If you're not wanting purple (3 uniforms) there is 1 black uniform, 3 navy blue uniforms, 2 black jackets, 2 navy blue jackets, 3 purple jackets, 1 red jacket, 1 green jacket, and 3 white knit sweaters. :)   If you're interested, please email me at

Aug 15, 2013

Catch up on summer posts

Hi girls! How have you been liking these posts this summer? I hope you like them as much as I have! If you're new to this blog, you've probably missed a lot of summer posts this year. But that's ok! I will give y'all some links to catch up with the blog. :) You can comment on the posts or you can comment on here. 

You can probably tell I've mainly posted reviews. Reviews are just so much fun to do! You can email me if you would like to review but don't know how at =)  These are just a few posts from this summer. There are lots more so go check 'em out!

If you're new to this blog, tell me about yourself and give me your blog link, please! I love to be friends with all my followers. =)

Thanks for reading! Love, Danielle

Aug 14, 2013

FactoryL Etsy Review

Hey bloggers!

FactoryL kindly donated an ADORABLE dress for me to review. Thank you so much Liesel!

This dress is so cute! Molly and I love it. She was so happy to be chosen to model for me. :)
The shoes were not included.

The material's quality is great and the colors are cute, too. It reminds me of the 50's style!

Isn't the bottom of the dress so pretty?

The back is so cute. It fits great on Molly and the dress is just so 50's which I love!

Overall, this outfit is so pretty! I recommend buying a dress from FactoryL!
I would rate the dress a 10 out of a 10. (Ten being the best.) The quality is excellent and everything about it is so superb. It's just a simple and cute 50's dress. :) Tell me how you like your FactoryL clothing!

Thanks for reading! Thanks again, Liesel! If you're interested in letting me review an item from your shop, let me know.


Aug 5, 2013

AmericAnnMade Double Review!

Hi doll lovers,

Here is a double review from the etsy shop, AmericAnnMade!
Thank you Ann for letting me do this!

Saige looks so adorable in this nightgown!

Aren't the sleeves cute? I love them! The quality of the nightgown is superb.

The design is so cute. This nightgown even came with little crocheted slippers!

I love flowers! 

Overall, I love this nightgown. It is super cute! I would wear this!
I would rate it a 10 out of a 10. (Ten being the best.) Ann sells more nightgowns in her shop, check them out and maybe even buy one!

Here is the second review from the same shop, AmericAnnMade!

Caroline looks stunning in this.

I love the colors Ann chose. The quality is great, too! 

These are really cute and unique! The flowers are so pretty!

The yellow top really stands out. I love it!

Overall, Caroline and I love this outfit! I would rate it a 10 out of a 10. (Ten being the best.)
Thanks for reading! Tell me how you like your AmericAnnMade clothing!

Jul 27, 2013

AmericAnnMade review

Hey everyone!

I am going to do a review on an ADORABLE outfit from the etsy shop, AmericAnnMade. Thank you so much, Ann, for letting me review one of your outfits! 

Annabeth is modeling the outfit. Doesn't she look so cute? I love it!  

Here is the top part of the outfit. The design is really cute! The quality is great! 
I love the polka dots! These shoes came with the outfit, too. I really like them! They feel velvety... 
Isn't the back cute? I love how you can tie it in a bow. :)

Overall, I really love this outfit! It's so cute! I would rate the outfit a 10 out of a 10. (Ten being the best.) The service was excellent! I would really recommend buying from AmericAnnMade! She is also very nice. More reviews of her clothing will be up next week because I will be on vacation...

Thanks for reading!

Another esty purchase!!!

American Girl Doll Flannel Pajamas and Bathrobe in Raggedy Ann and Andy Print
I bought this today from the etsy shop AmericAnnMade!! I will be doing a review on her clothing today..

Jul 26, 2013

Ruthie's Summer Photo-shoot

Hey 100 Followers! Thank you so much for following! I never thought I would make it to 100 followers! 
I hope you enjoy this photo-shoot of  Ruthie.



Tell me how you like it and which photo was your favorite!

I bought from etsy...

Darling Denim Shoes and Bag

I bought this from the etsy shop, Pippy LaJade Jean Co.! It's so cute! I haven't received it in the mail yet. I can't wait!

Darling Denim Shoes and Bag

Super cute! :)
Thanks for reading, Danielle

Jul 25, 2013

Pippy LaJade Jean Co. outfit review

Hi there!

Today I am going to review an adorable outfit from the etsy shop Pippy LaJade Jean Co.! Thank you so much!

Here is the outfit on Ruthie. It's adorable!

Look at how cute that shirt is! The quality is great and the butterfly is really cute.

The capris! They are adorable! I love the design. 

The back of the capris...

Thanks for reading the review! Overall I really like the outfit. I would rate it a 10 out of a 10. (Ten being the best.) I would recommend buying from her shop! Please don't forget to check out Pippy LaJade Jean Co.!

Jul 24, 2013

Wednesday Sharing!

Hey everyone! Here is Emma's doll, Caroline! Isn't she so pretty? Thanks for sending in a picture, Emma!

Make sure to send me a picture of your doll for the next saturday or wednesday sharing.


Jul 14, 2013

Saturday Sharing

Jan sent in a photo of her doll, Saige, and her cat, Max! Isn't that adorable?!

Thanks Jan! If you would like your picture to be up for Saturday sharing, email it to me please! :)

Jul 11, 2013

Saige Paints The Sky (Full Movie!!)

                     The full movie of Saige Paints the Sky was on youtube! Enjoy! :)

Jul 6, 2013

Saturday Sharing

Here is Jan's doll, Rebecca, celebrating Christmas in July!
Thanks for sending in a picture. :)
If you would like your picture on here for Saturday Sharing, send it to me at
Thanks for reading!

Jun 30, 2013

ShimmerMyst Review!

Hi girls! Today I am going to review a really cute skirt from the etsy shop called, ShimmerMyst! Thank you so much ShimmerMyst, for letting me review your skirt!                     

Here is Molly modeling for me. The skirt is the only item I am reviewing. 

Isn't that cute? Even though it's just a basic pink flare skirt, it really completes the whole outfit! It fits her great...

Here is the back of the skirt. 

Molly being cute!

I adore this skirt! The fabric is so soft and silky.  She'll love this! I would rate this skirt 10 out of 10 because it's just really cute on my dolls!

Tell he how you like your ShimmerMyst clothing!