Oct 17, 2012

What's up Danielle?!

Hey Girls!
I have been super busy with violin, Dance, and I've been sick:/ I have no time for posting! I'll have to fit it in though. I will try to post every other day, is that okay? Thank you Jess and Rose for posting! You've both made my blog running, so that's great! Unfourtanately, I will to invite a new author for the 2 week trial. I wonder who it will be...:) Thanks for still following and for 61 followers!!!



  1. DANIELLE!!! YOU'RE BACK!!! YAY!! I've missed you so much!! The blogging world isn't the same without you. :)

    Love ya!

    1. Thanks a lot Hannah! That's so nice of you!! :D I know, I've missed u too!!

  2. I have missed you so much girl!!


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