Oct 5, 2012

Sad news...:(

Hi Girls!
 From reading the title of this post, No I am not leaving blogger or this blog!!! But, I have sad news. Most of you all know I was in a doll pageant on youtube and I got to participate in 5 assignments and made it to the final round! To watch my last assignment go to the post below. Anyways, I watched the result video today and I am like, I am so going to win!! They announce 4th runner up and then I'm like, It can't be me! Danielleandjosh1... :O;( That's me!! What? They had to have made a mistake. But they didn't...
 I didn't get to be queen but I had a lot of fun doing the assignments! It was so exciting to watch the results video thinking, I hope I make it!!! I had so much fun and I can't wait to participate in the next season!!!!


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