Oct 11, 2012

Meet Nikki

Hi again! 
Are you ready to meet my second doll, Nikki?

Name: Nikki C.
Name  Meaning: Victory of the People
Favorite Color: Pink or Green.
Fave Food: Homemade Pizza
Favorite Hobby: Making new outfit designs for Julie to sew!

More about Nikki:

I got Nikki on Christmas of 2010.
She is my second doll and I love styling her hair! <3
She is a My American Girl #23.
She is 10 years-old and loves helping Julie with her sewing by drawing up designs.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awww....she is too cute! So is Julie.......did you get the hat and scarves from Danielle? They are super cute! I can't wait to see you post more!

    1. Thanks! :)

      I did get the hat and scarf from Danielle.

  2. Voting starts today on the Doll Wardrobe Design Contest and I entered it.... I am #3 the Glinda outfit. I would appreciate if you and your friends would vote for me.
    You can vote on them as comments on those posts, or via email to nora.demington@gmail.com


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