Oct 12, 2012

Meet Marie-Grace

Hi girls!
This is Marie-Grace, my third and final doll.

Name: Marie-Grace Gardner
Name Meaning: Marie means Sea of bitterness and Grace means Grace of God
Favorite Color: Pink!
Fave Food: Chinese
Favorite Hobby: Helping kids out at the orphanage

More About Marie-Grace:
I got Marie-Grace on Christmas of 2011. 
She is my third doll and I love the outfits from her time period {1853}.
She is 9 years-old, shy, loves helping people, and especially love to make new friends.

That's all for today!

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  1. Voting starts today on the Doll Wardrobe Design Contest and I entered it.... I am #3 the Glinda outfit. I would appreciate if you and your friends would vote for me.
    You can vote on them as comments on those posts, or via email to nora.demington@gmail.com


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