Oct 10, 2012

Hi, I'm Rose // Meet Julie

Hey girls! 
The lovely Danielle was kind enough to offer me a 2-week long job as a guest poster.
I'm so excited. :)

For my first post...

Get to know my dolls: Julie

Name: Julie Albright
Name Meaning:Soft-haired
Favorite Color: Any color I look good in!
Fave Food: Chocolate Fondue
Favorite Hobby: Crafts and sewing

More About Julie:

I got Julie on Christmas, 2008. She is my first doll and I love her dearly!
She is a Historical character from the 70's and is 12 years-old.
She loves to create stuff- from jewelry to new recipes, 
Julie has a creative mind, and would love to be your friend.

That's all for today!


  1. This is so fun, we're super excited to see what you'll do rose!


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