Oct 2, 2012

AG Tube Problems and Some Beautiful Pics of Mckenna

Hello everybody,its me Asmita here! If you just came on this blog I would like to tell again that I am guest-blogger on this blog for a week :) Lets move on,today I would like to talk about many things first will be AG haters :( Most of the AG haters are there in AGtube,they post mean comments on people's good videos and try to show they know everything about AG that's really bad,sad and rude I think and I think most of the AG lovers think as I am thinking! Below is a poster I created to show stop hating AG and making the AGtube a bad place-
Enough series talking is done now I would like to show you all some beautiful pics of my Mckenna-

Thats all for now,Have a good day AG lovers ;) ;)
Before Saturday expect at least 2 posts from me bc Saturday is the last day of me as a guest-blogger on this wonderful blog! Which one was ur fave pic from all 3?

Bye friends!


  1. I don't like the AG haters :( They are so rude! :( I am also a guest blogger :D

    1. Yup they are rude,mean,bad all the worst adjectives will be less for them :( Thats great you are a guest-blogger too :D :)



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