Sep 29, 2012

Introduction By New Guest-Blogger Asmita ;)

Hi friends,its Asmita here from the blog-AG Girl Forever,I am sure you all are amazed to see me posting on this blog! I will explain Danielle the blog owner and my friend invited me to be a guest-blogger on this awesome blog for a week! I couldn't let go this great opputunity so I am here :) :) :) First I would like to give a introduction of myself! My name is Asmita,my fave colour is pink and fave food is pizza! My hobbies are painting,reading,wrting,surfing the net and blogging :) I love shopping,cupcakes or anything sweet and my mom the most <3 <3

I am an AG lover from heart but I have only 1 AG doll so far which is GOTY 2012 Mckenna Brooks,I think she is a really gorgeous AG doll :) Below is a pic of her-
Thats all for now! You will see more posts by me,this week! I will post in a day or two as busy with exams a little :) Hope you liked my first post here! <3

Bye friends!


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