Sep 22, 2012

Guest post By:Emma!

I am at LaKe tahoe having fun!(This is a scheduled post) Emma is going to guest post for me! Here it is:

Hey there! My name is Emma. Today I am going to be guest posting for Danielle! Thanks so much Danielle for letting me guest post- I'm excited!

I have always loved dolls- especially American Girl dolls! I really enjoy playing with them, coming up with cute outfits for them, doing their hair, photographing them, and things like that! :) I started blogging on me and my sister's blog, AG Fun in October of 2010. We post different things such as pictures, crafts, fun guessing games, 'You Pick' games, and lots of things that get our readers involved! :) I'd love it so much if you would stop my my blogs:

Thanks for reading! xo
Thanks Emma! ~Danielle

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  1. Great Post emma! And I hope you are having an AMAZING vacation Danielle!


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