Sep 30, 2012

A new video!

Hi Girls! I am still in a doll pageant called, MissAGDpageant. I made it to the final round which means I have a chance to win! Each contestant left got a question different from one another and had to answer it in a video. Here is my question:
Over the past year, AGTube has faced many "Trolls" such as the AGDollHater. What do you think AGTubers should do to handle the drama the trolls create?

Sep 29, 2012

Introduction By New Guest-Blogger Asmita ;)

Hi friends,its Asmita here from the blog-AG Girl Forever,I am sure you all are amazed to see me posting on this blog! I will explain Danielle the blog owner and my friend invited me to be a guest-blogger on this awesome blog for a week! I couldn't let go this great opputunity so I am here :) :) :) First I would like to give a introduction of myself! My name is Asmita,my fave colour is pink and fave food is pizza! My hobbies are painting,reading,wrting,surfing the net and blogging :) I love shopping,cupcakes or anything sweet and my mom the most <3 <3

I am an AG lover from heart but I have only 1 AG doll so far which is GOTY 2012 Mckenna Brooks,I think she is a really gorgeous AG doll :) Below is a pic of her-
Thats all for now! You will see more posts by me,this week! I will post in a day or two as busy with exams a little :) Hope you liked my first post here! <3

Bye friends!

Sep 27, 2012

Doll Blog links!

Hey Girls! Today I am linking down below my favorite and latest AG blogs to check out!
Create your own banner at! American Girl Garden is a super cute doll blog by Dakota! I really like it! Go follow her! The Spicys, I love this blog! Please help Holly pino and Kay jun get 100 by next week, They will have a giveaway, follow! All Doll! Please follow Alyssa! Her blog is very cute to look at!

Thanks!! ~Danielle

I'm Back!

Hi Girls! I am so happy that I can start blogging again! I was at Lake Tahoe, It was gorgeous!<3 I had an amazing time! I said I would take a bunch of pictures so I did! DO NOT STEAL Here they are:

To see not only pictures of my dolls but scenery as well, go to ~Danielle tell me your fav. pic!!

Sep 22, 2012

Guest post By:Emma!

I am at LaKe tahoe having fun!(This is a scheduled post) Emma is going to guest post for me! Here it is:

Hey there! My name is Emma. Today I am going to be guest posting for Danielle! Thanks so much Danielle for letting me guest post- I'm excited!

I have always loved dolls- especially American Girl dolls! I really enjoy playing with them, coming up with cute outfits for them, doing their hair, photographing them, and things like that! :) I started blogging on me and my sister's blog, AG Fun in October of 2010. We post different things such as pictures, crafts, fun guessing games, 'You Pick' games, and lots of things that get our readers involved! :) I'd love it so much if you would stop my my blogs:

Thanks for reading! xo
Thanks Emma! ~Danielle

Sep 19, 2012


Hi girls!
I will be in Lake Tahoe for a week vacation! I am so excited! I won't be blogging or emailing, but feel free to comment and email me so I can see it when I come back! I can't wait! I am going to take thousands of pics!:) Bye!:):


Sep 16, 2012

What's that name #1 (starting over!!)

Hiya girls!
I used to have a fun game called What's that name a while back so I thought I should bring it back!
We are starting at #1.

How do I play?
Guess the name of this AG outift! Don't look at the AG website!

Have fun guessin'!

Congrats Delaney! Here is your button!!
Create your own banner at!


Sep 15, 2012

Your questions answered!

Hey girls! How is your Saturday so far? I hope good! In a recent post I asked for you to give me some questions!

Here they are:
From: Hannah
From: Jordy

1. What is your favorite color?
 My favorite color is pink and blue!

2. What are your hobbies?
 Taking pictures, Dancing, and Writing.

3. What is your favorite subject in school?
 Math and english but mostly math!

4. What is your favorite animal?
 I love horses and dogs!

5. Do you have any pets?
 I have two dogs, a maltese named Kimmi and an Australian Shepherd named Sadie!

6.How can I pick the perfect Ag doll?
Make sure if she is a historical,you like her story, and if she is a MAG, make sure you connect with her! choose the doll just right for you:)!

Thanks Hannah and Jordy!!


Sep 14, 2012

Friday sharing!

Hey girls!! Here are the Friday Sharing pictures sent by you! Thank you for sending them! Also, if your interested in guest posting please email me:)


Thanks for sending them in! Don't forget to send in your Doll of the Month pictures if you haven't sent them!

Exciting news!, Guest posting!

Hey everyone!
 So, for 1 week I will not blogging becuase I will be at Lake Tahoe on a vacation! I am so excited! I am going to bring 3 dolls with me!! Please vote on the sidebar poll to choose which dolls to come! I am going to take ton of pictures! I CAN'T WAIT! I will post before I leave.

If your interested on guest posting on my blog, please email me with a guest post ready to be posted:)! Make sure to email me by 9/18/12.


Sep 13, 2012


Hey girls!
I am so happy that I have 55 followers!!!! That is amazing!
I really need your help to get to 60! Please help me! ~Danielle
P.S Send me your doll picture for friday sharing!

Doll blog links!

Hello everyone! Create your own banner at!
You have been waiting so long for these links, here they are!! These are a few of my favorite AG blogs too! Please follow each of their blogs, This is Alanna's blog! Go follow her! Her blog has doll pictures in every post! Jess' AG blog! Go follow her please! She has great doll posts! Katie's blog! Go follow her! Her blog is from her doll Mckenna's point of view! Delaney's blog! Go follow her! Her blog is so adorable<3 Emma and Hannah's blog! Go follow the sisters! This blog is really a cute blog! Meg's blog! Go follow her, she is trying to
 reach 25 followers! Please follow her!!

Remember, if you would like to be featured on the next Doll blog links, comment below with your AG link! Follow me! ~Danielle

Sep 9, 2012

An Award!

            Thank you so much Katie for giving me this award!

Who gave you this?
What is your AG blog?
What is your name?
What are your AG dolls if you have any?
Elizabeth,Emilia,Felicity,Saran,Molly,Emily,Annabeth, and Ruthie.
What do you post about on your blog?
American Girl!!!!
Which 6 AG blogs do you nominate?
Delaney loves AG
The Spicys
All Doll
AG girl forever
Mckenna girl of the year

Sep 8, 2012


HIya girls!!
If you have questions about this blog or about me, comment below with them!! As many as you want!!  Answers up next week!!


Sep 7, 2012

FrIdAy ShArInG!

Hey girls!
 I started a Friday sharing! Here are your pics! If you want your pictures in the next Friday sharing please email me with them! The same thing for Doll of the month!

Meg's picture of her doll Kassy!


Alanna's doll  Amy!

Thanks! ~Danielle


Sep 5, 2012

Friday sharing!

Hello! Send me a picture of your doll for Friday sharing! I got the idea from AGgirlforever! Every Friday your picture can be on my blog! please comment below with your questions ~Danielle

Sep 3, 2012

Caroline and new AG stuff I LOVE!!


Caroline is out!!! She is very stunning,and gorgeous!

ThAnKs! ~Danielle

Sep 2, 2012

Ruthie's Lollipop photoshoot!

Here is Ruthie's lollipop photoshoot!

I won the lollipop necklace in a giveaway! I got one too!