Aug 13, 2012

Mckenna Girl of the year Katie!

I got to interview Katie from Mckenna Girl of the Year! Here it is!!:

Can you tell us about yourself? I love cats and photography!
Why did you make a blog? To share my doll pics.
How long have you been blogging? About 3 months.
What are your hobbies? Photography, Playing dolls, and ballet.
What is your favorite Animal? Monkey

What is your favorite book? Mckenna (OfCourse!!)

What is your favorite sport?Gymnastics

How many AG dolls do you have?1
Do you have a favorite doll? Mine
Tell me about your blog, Mckenna Girl of the year?
my blog is a fun place to hear the latest AG news hosted by McKenna. You can also see cute pictures of her.

Thanks Katie!! If you would like to be interviewed email me! ~Danielle


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