Jun 19, 2012

Thanks!+Updates+What's that name #6

Hiya Gals!
Thanks so much for 36 followers! Please introduce yourself with a comment and add your blog link so you can get followers:) Can we make it to 40?...

Updates! I have not had an AG photoshoot because me and my Sister Sierra had a sleepover with 3 other friends! It was a lot of fun, we didn't go to sleep until 3:00 AM!!! I need you to comment below and tell me what you want to see on this blog, like more photoshoots, crafts, photoshoot tips, etc.

What's that name #6

Comment with the correct name of this outfit from the Americangirl website. Please don't check the site, try to remember!
The winner is announced once someone gets it correct! You win button.

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!
Congrats Jess! She guessed the Midnight Skate outfit, That's correct! Here is your button:)


  1. A sleepover with Sierra? sounds like Fun!! I would love to see more crafts!

    1. OMG! I have to fix that! No, she had 2 friends sleepover and I had 1:) ~Danielle

  2. Is it the Midnight Skate Outfit? I love it! It is so pretty! :)
    ~ Jess

    1. Yes, It is! Congrats! I'll make the button 4 u!

    2. Hi!
      I was wondering how do you make buttons?!?!?!
      Thanks! ~EmmaSunbeam

    3. Hi EmmaSunbeam! I usually have Emma Wright from AGfun make buttons for me or else I make a button from mybannermaker.com.

  3. Hi!

    My blog is http://americangirdollsblogger.blogspot.com



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