Jun 24, 2012

Photo contest!

Hi! I wanted to announce AmericanGirl#1fans 3rd Photo Contest!
Yay! Here are the simple rules:

Theme: The Theme for this  round in the Photo contest is... Summer! Your 18in doll could be tanning, showing her favorite summer dress, cute shoes,  or anything summery!

Requirements: Must be an 18in doll. Must have an email. Must follow this blog.

When does the contest end?: This photo contest ends on July 15th.

How many rounds are there?: There is only 1 round.
Can I edit?: Yes!

Who do I send my picture to?: You send it to me at idanielley@yahoo.com
Remember to write, Here is my entry for the photo contest!

What is the prize?: A crocheted doll hat and scarf, The pictures are coming on soon!
I don't understand the rules, requirements, etc. Please email me with your questions!

 Thanks. Hope you enter!~Danielle


  1. I took a pic for this contest! I will either send it today or tomorrow:)

  2. I am going to take my pic tomorrow!

  3. Can't wait it is a great sunny day today!

  4. I'll take a picture tomorrow and send it!


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