May 4, 2012

Writing contest entry

Thank you Emma for entering the Writing contest!
Here is what she wrote:

My doll, Gwen Thompson is that kind of girl who is up for a photo shoot any day. She loves modeling for pictures, dance, singing, acting, and anything creative. Her favorite color is pink.
Gwen is eleven years old and is the second oldest of seven girls. She lives with her mom, two dogs, one cat, and sisters Kanani, Lilly, Kit, Maddie, Emma Kate, and Ivy. As a family, they enjoy family board games, family movie nights, and family bike rides.
Gwen has been going to University of American Girls for nine months. University of American Girls is an online school for dolls with 47 students, 14 teachers, and 12 classes. Gwen’s mom created the school Emma with her friend Mackenzie!

That is everything you could possibly know about Gwen! If you have any questions about her then please email me:

judges scores:
She did a 100-900 word story. Great job!
She used more than 2 creative words.
She has correct Grammar!
She has Nice complete sentences. Great job Emma!
I will send you your button soon! ~Danielle


  1. this isn't really about Gwen, but do you know when the new writing contest for the American Girl Magazine 2012 is?

  2. This isn't really about Gwen, but do you know when the next writing contest is for the American Girl Magazine?
    If you do can you comment back?

  3. That is so STUPID, HAHA, LOL

  4. what is the new writing contest about?!!!!!


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