May 21, 2012

Review on doll Garden Boots!

I recently ordered the American Girl garden boots. They finally came a couple days ago! I decided to make a review on them! These boots are soo Adorable! I really love them by itself or on a doll. I would say that $14 for a pair of doll boots is pretty pricey:) I had money so I just wanted to buy anything I liked and been wanting. I am sure you can let her garden in these, I have never tried it because i don't want the bottom to get messed up:) This pink isn't a very bright pink. There are little flowers on the boots that are very cute. The bottom of the boots look like Zs all over! I hope you enjoyed this! Please comment below with any other questions! -Danielle Please comment below if you want to see another photoshoot later! P.S enter the giveaway!
Very Cute! ~Daniellephotography
Material is really inside! ~Daniellephotography
Love this one. ~Daniellephotography
2 shoes ~DaniellePhotography
Hi! ~DaniellePhotography
Back view ~DaniellePhotography
I love this pic too ~Daniellephotography

Pros: Cute pink, Are able to be in a garden,fits well.
Cons: Hard to get on, Thin material on top.


  1. Those boots look really cute! :)

  2. How cute! We love a good pair of rain boots (or at least one of us does....!)

  3. Emily (not the doll)November 11, 2012 at 9:58 AM

    AWWW! There adorable!! I love that bow in Emilys hair!


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