May 15, 2012

Interview with The Spicys!

Hiya Gals! I got the opportunity to interview, The spicys! It was so interesting to hear about them! Heres the interview! ~Danielle

1.What can be seen on your blog, The Spicys?
Kay Jun: We post all different kinds of things. My favorites are the crafts and hairstyles - some of them are things I want to try myself.

Holly: Lots of things. I like to take pictures of my dolls to post.
2. What made you Create a blog?
Kay: It was kind of spur of the moment. We don't really know what inspired it. We just kind of made the blog, and then realized we actually had to post about something.

Holly: I have no idea why...we just wanted to start a blog. :)
3.Do you all plan to create another blog in the future?
Kay : Not at the moment. But If i do, I think we'll name it the Saltys.

Holly: Not in the near future, but I might make one later.
4.How do You describe your personality?
*We are switching it up and writing for the other Spicy!
Kay Jun (by Holly!) I LOVE KAY JUN! She is funny, crazy (in a good way), is my friend no matter what, and is a great photographer (she would probably disagree). I can tell her anything.

Holly Pino: (by kay!) Holly Pino is the bestest friend ever! She is kind, supportive, thoughtful and downright hilarious. She puts up with all my weird quirks and isn't afraid to belt some opera. :) I love her lots and lots.
5.Can you give us a little bit of info on future posts?
Kay: I am really hoping to just continue what we are doing - we love it! I also might like to add something about parties. Whatever we continue doing, we want to make is so girls like you and me can try out the things we share for themselves!

Holly: Same here. I'm also hoping we can get some sponsors and 100 followers!
Thanks again!  Don't forget to follow and follow their blog too!


  1. That is really funny, because I am interviewing them too, and I had no idea you were :P LOL!

    1. That's so funny! I didn't know you were either! ~Danielle

    2. Isn't their blog really awesome? :D

  2. You guys (okay, girls!) are so sweet! Thanks for interviewing us Danielle and Emma!


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