Mar 11, 2012

Blogoversary Contest: Design Your Own Historical Character!

Tyra Kaleen is a 10 yr. old english horse rider. She lives with her parents, Her 2 sisters, Mayreen and Allison, and her brother Gordon. She lives in 1804 in England. Her story: On June 13, 1904,  Tyra competes for the best junior english rider in Malibu. She gets so nervous to compete especially because of all the advanced girls competing. Finally, Its her turn  to jump and show the judges her control on the horse,Maybelle. She gets on the horse, Starts  to post trot then jumps over the pole ending with a canter. YES! She did it! She starts to do a sitting trot well she sees a rattle snake. NO! She thought. A rattle snake can Frighten Maybelle if she sees the rattle snake.Tyra starts to worry about her score and how she can stay on her horse. Tyra gets into the canter and only 3 feet away from jumping, Maybelle gets spooked!  Maybelle tried to jump over the 4 foot pole but She fell! Tyra is on the floor well Maybelle is next to her. How can Tyra and Maybelle recover? Will tyra ever be able to go on a horse again? Will Maybelle and Tyra be able to jump again? Find out how tyra will encourage other young jumpers to follow their dream no matter what in the book Tyra's recover.   to enter,

Blogoversary Contest: Design Your Own Historical Character! on Priya's american girl playground.


  1. I love your entry! I entered a character from the dust bowl. Tyra seems like an inspirational character and if she were a real doll I would so read her books!


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