Mar 6, 2012

1st annual Hall of spring!

I am excited to announce about the 1ST Annual Hall Of Spring! Last year i had some followers enter the Hall Of Fall in October. It was really fun! This year there is 3 different activites! How to enter activity 1-You have to be a follower, You have to email me a picture of you american girl doll in her favorite dress! (Editing is encouraged), Give your picture a caption, and your entered! Email- Enter by- April 6( My birthday!) The person who wins this activity is NOT allowed to enter activity 2 or 3! What you win at the end of activity 3- A button, A siggy, and She will be interviewed on this blog!  Activity 2- starts April 8- May 1             Activity 3- starts May 4th- June 1st                       Feel free to ask questions!


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