Mar 30, 2012

Another doll?!

Yes! Another doll! I got her for my birthday today! (My birthday is next week!). Her name is... well i dont really no yet. Any ideas? Me and my mon were thinking of Dakota, Virginia, Maya,and Annabeth. Here are some pics!

Mar 26, 2012


Name: Danielle
Favorite color: Purple
Crocheting or knitting: Crocheting!
Hunger games or twilight: Hunger games
Favorite book: The witch of blackbird pond
Favorite blog(s): The americangirl playground,AGfun, The Ramblings of Emma, American girl fan, More! I have so many more I just can't think!
Any pen pals: 1! Emma!
Swimming or riding bike: Swimming
Riding horses:Yes! Definently!
Age:10, 11 on april 6th!
Piano or violin: Both!
Disney or Nick: Both!
Blogger friends: Emma,Mackenzie,Rose,Emma M.

Pen pal!

I just finished writing a letter to Emma wright on mail! We are pen pals! I will send my letter out tomorrow! I am so excited!! Anyone want to be my pen pal? Comment below with your email!

Mar 23, 2012

I answer your questions!

Emma asked me some questions so here are your answers,                                                 1. What is your favorite color? A.My favorite color would be Pink and purple.
2. If you could be any AG doll, who would you want to be? A. I would want to be... Felicity becuause i Love her time period, Her clothing, and i love how she loves horses like me! Thanks!

Mar 21, 2012


Here is a photo i took of nicki a while back.

Mar 11, 2012

Blogoversary Contest: Design Your Own Historical Character!

Tyra Kaleen is a 10 yr. old english horse rider. She lives with her parents, Her 2 sisters, Mayreen and Allison, and her brother Gordon. She lives in 1804 in England. Her story: On June 13, 1904,  Tyra competes for the best junior english rider in Malibu. She gets so nervous to compete especially because of all the advanced girls competing. Finally, Its her turn  to jump and show the judges her control on the horse,Maybelle. She gets on the horse, Starts  to post trot then jumps over the pole ending with a canter. YES! She did it! She starts to do a sitting trot well she sees a rattle snake. NO! She thought. A rattle snake can Frighten Maybelle if she sees the rattle snake.Tyra starts to worry about her score and how she can stay on her horse. Tyra gets into the canter and only 3 feet away from jumping, Maybelle gets spooked!  Maybelle tried to jump over the 4 foot pole but She fell! Tyra is on the floor well Maybelle is next to her. How can Tyra and Maybelle recover? Will tyra ever be able to go on a horse again? Will Maybelle and Tyra be able to jump again? Find out how tyra will encourage other young jumpers to follow their dream no matter what in the book Tyra's recover.   to enter,

Blogoversary Contest: Design Your Own Historical Character! on Priya's american girl playground.

Mar 7, 2012

Mckenna part2!

Part 2 is here! Enjoy!
Mckenna's cast and crutches $30 Love this!
Mckenna's school outfit $28 Just so adorable! I want this:)
Mckenna's rain gear $34 I think this is adorable but very expensive:(
Mckenna's dog copper $24 A good addition to your Mckenna collection:)
Mckenna's fancy outfit $28 This is my favorite! I love the colors!
Thank you for Looking at the mckenna collection with me!


Hi! It's Danielle! PAGEVIEWS!

Total pageviews!

3,792!! YAY! Really happy! I hope to get 3,950 pageviews in a week! I also hope to get 30 followers in a week too! Can we make it happen?  You can check the most recent pageviews on the very bottom. * Hall of fall! Please enter!!

Mar 6, 2012

1st annual Hall of spring!

I am excited to announce about the 1ST Annual Hall Of Spring! Last year i had some followers enter the Hall Of Fall in October. It was really fun! This year there is 3 different activites! How to enter activity 1-You have to be a follower, You have to email me a picture of you american girl doll in her favorite dress! (Editing is encouraged), Give your picture a caption, and your entered! Email- Enter by- April 6( My birthday!) The person who wins this activity is NOT allowed to enter activity 2 or 3! What you win at the end of activity 3- A button, A siggy, and She will be interviewed on this blog!  Activity 2- starts April 8- May 1             Activity 3- starts May 4th- June 1st                       Feel free to ask questions!

Mar 4, 2012

Mckenna part1!

This week i am feauturing Mckenna! I will show you half of her collection.
Mckenna doll $105  She is so sweet and cute!
Mckenna's pj's $24  Really love this for my dolls.
Mckenna's Practice wadrobe $34  I have been into gymnastics lately so i really adore this:)*
Mckenna's loft bed set $225 I think this bed is really cute , but it seems really over priced to me:(:)
Mckenna's beam and bar $85 I think this is adorable!
Mckenna's accesories $26  Really cute for a collecter of mckenna:)
I hope you enjoyed this!