Feb 29, 2012

Cute little chick!

Felicity, Coconut, and their chick Maybelle. Send pictures to me to be on this blog at idanielley@yahoo.com

A tour!

Here i a tour of my dolls room and pics of them! enjoy!

Feb 28, 2012

New siggy!

I made this new siggy!

Feb 25, 2012

Families part1

They are all sisters!
Marie grace.                               Any ideas for another family? AGFun idea all credit to Emma and Hannah

Feb 21, 2012


Hi! I will be showing you Jess's whole collection! Activity-If you have Jess, I would love to see her in a picture! Idanielley@Yahoo.com Pics from google, Thank you!

Feb 18, 2012

A post by:Felicity(Doll!:)

Hi Girls! I am so excited that i will be posting from now on! I helped mommy with the new contest so please enter it! Emily is at my Grandma's house. She has been there for like a week. Here are some things about me. My full name:Felicity May Merriman  My age:12    My sisters in order:Elizabeth,me,emilia,Saran,Molly,and Emily. My favorite color:Blue  My favorite clothes:Totally Dress!  Thank you for getting us to 22 followers! Lets get to 24! Come on! Thanks!

Feb 17, 2012

My New/updated Ag wishlist!

American girl has new clothes! Yay! These are my favorites that i really want and like!

Feb 15, 2012

A pic of mckenna when i went to AG place!

I remember they had Mckenna put away in the costumer help.Only an american girl fan knew that was her!

It is snowing! Like a lot!! It is actually sticking! YAY! oMg! WHOOOO HOO! It is snowing!

Feb 14, 2012

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines day from me and my cousin Joshua! He says, Have a great valentines day! Hope you had a good day! Did you get the Weekly newsletter?

Feb 3, 2012

Double Review!

My American Girl® dolls can unwind with a pretend soak! The Fresh & Clean shower fits perfectly with the Bubble Bathtub to add even more fun to bathtime. Includes plenty of bathing necessities: plush towels, faux shower gel and shampoo, bubbly shower curtains, and more.                                   

This goes perfect with the next review! This blue towel just really caught my eye when i saw it!My American Girl® dolls can get ready for head-to-toe pampering with this spa set, featuring:
  • A striped bath wrap with a star appliquĂ© and gathered shoulder straps
  • A head wrap to twist on with an elastic loop in the back
  • A pair of cozy spa slippers to match
  • A “Real” heart charm for the doll’s charm-keeper necklace