Jan 12, 2012

McKenna vs. Kanani

Who she is: a determined girl who uses her strengths to turn challenges into triumphs What she loves to do: practice and perform her gymnastics routines Her friends: her gymastics teammates Toulane and Sierra; and her tutor, Josie What changes her life: She can't keep up with her grade's reading level, so she must get extra help at school Proudest moment: Taking it one page at a time, she finishes a long book in one week—and enjoys it What she discovers: The same skills that make her a good gymnast can springboard her to success in school. That was McKenna Who she is: a cheerful girl who helps others by sharing the aloha spirit What she loves to do: help out with the family business, Akina's Shave Ice and Sweet Treats Best friend: Celina, who loves to surf and swim Proudest moment: rescuing a baby Hawaiian monk seal What changes her life: Her cousin Rachel comes from New York to spend the summer. What she wants most: to help Rachel, who seems unhappy, to feel at home in Hawai'i What she discovers: Sometime those who want help the least need it the most. That was Kanani So McKenna and kanani are two different worlds. What do you think is unique about both of them?

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