Dec 31, 2012

Bye Mckenna :(

Hi Girls! Mckenna is officially gone! :( Bye Mckenna, Hello Saige!! Saige is coming tomorrow and I am very excited to see her! Saige has reddish/ auburn hair, very different from sweet Mckenna. Does anyone know her story? I don't know yet but I know she paints. Can't wait!! Btw, I met my biggest fan, Olivia! Olivia, you're the reason this blog is still going :D

Dec 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Alot of times, we forget the real meaning of Christmas. Presents, decorating, santa, that's not what it's about. Precious baby Jesus was born today! Jesus is the reason for the season <3 I hope everyone has a great and blessed Christmas!!

Dec 13, 2012


Hi Girls! I'm finally posting! So, I still love AG dolls! I won Karenmomofthree's giveaway! I won an adorable outfit from the esty shop, Whoaitsme. It's so cute! I am going to do a photoshoot and review soon!

Dec 2, 2012

Nov 27, 2012

I'm back!!// You choose!

Hi Girls! I guess I took a break! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great!! So, here is a You Choose!!! Rules: Comment down below with your favorite outfit, the outfits are numbered for you. Have fun!




Nov 18, 2012

Please don't comment like that...

Hi Girls! I was looking at my comments and someone commented something rude. I just wanted to say please don't say any mean words. If you don't like a post, don't comment becuase your words can hurt a persons feelings. Have a nice day!

Nov 17, 2012

You choose! (2) winter week feauturing a bitty twin!!:D


Hi my followers! Have you followed the Spicys yet? If you haven't Go now!

  Okay, this is another You choose! Here are the rules if your new to this or maybe you already know how to play: Choose you favorite AG outfit and comment down below with the number. It's simple, right? Now, You choose!!
Thanks!! ~Danielle

Nov 16, 2012

Go follow the Spicys!

Hey!! Please follow the The Spicys right now! They will have a giveaway once they reach 100 and they are at 97!:O They only need 3 more!! They would love if you would follow them!! Have a great day!

Alanna's doll Ann

Hi Girls! Alanna sent me a picture of her super cute doll Ann! It's not to late to send me a picture of your doll(s). Here is the cutie!:)


Nov 15, 2012

Send me your Winter pictures!!

Hi Girls!! I'd love to see your winter pictures of your dolls! So, why not send me 1 or 2! Your doll(s) can do anything that involves winter!

Nov 12, 2012

Delaney's American Girl interview!

Hi my followers! I did a little interview with Delaney from DelaneylovesAg! Thanks Delaney! Here are the questions and answers!:

QHow many American Girl dolls do you own?

AI own 7, and they are: Molly, Emily, Lanie, Julie, Riley (MAG 13),
McKenzie (McKenna) and Carolina-Grace (Caroline)!

QHow long have you been collecting American Girl dolls?

AAlmost 3 years!

QDo you plan to get the new GOTY 2013 Saige?

AYes! I really love her and she will fit in!

QWhy did you want to make an AG blog?

AI wanted to make one because I saw all these other cool ag blogs (Like this one!) and wanted to make one too!

QHow long have you been blogging?

AA few months on blogger, but I've been blogging for over a year.

QHave you met any blogger friends?

ASadly, no:(

Thanks! Have a great day!! ~Danielle

Nov 11, 2012

What's that name? #!


Hey Girls! Today is....What's that name! Yay! Here are the rules: I will show you an american girl outfit down below and you have to comment down what the name of the outfit is from American Girl. Please don't go to the American Girl website!!! That would be cheating! What do you win: The first person to get it right wins.............................. a blog design from Emma Wright!!
You can guess twice!

Nov 7, 2012

You choose! Winter week!!!:)


I haven't done this game in such a long time!! Did ya miss it? Well, it's back!

If you don't remember how to play or maybe your new to this, here are the rules:
Comment down below with your favorite outfit! The outfits are numbered so you can choose 1,2,or 3! Have fun!




Subscribe to me on youtube!

Hey Girls! I have a youtube and I'd love if you subscribed to me! I'm on the sidebar. My username is Danielle Marie. Please sub me!

Nov 3, 2012

Guest Blogging: Day One!

Hi!!  My name is Emma Kate, but you can call me Emma if you want. :)  Emma Kate works too! :)

I am going go be guest blogging for Danielle this week!

Let me tell you a bit about me. :)

I am 11 years old, and I love lots of things.  I love volleyball, acting, dolls, piano, crafts, blogging, writing letters, emailing, designing things, and most importantly, God and Jesus.  I am a homeschooled (part time), Christian girl.

I will post pictures of my dolls tomorrow or Monday! :)

Oct 31, 2012

Dollaween find it contest!!

Hey everyone! Explore my blog and look for clues to win a Dollaween/Halloween button! I am going to write clues on my blog that will direct you on what to do next to win! It can be ANYWHERE! There are 5 clues! Have fun and please comment below if you don't understand;)
Molly is a swimsuit model!

Congrats Emma! Emma was the first follower to find each clue! I am sending her button! Also, if you liked this game, Rose at LovingyourAmericanGirl doll is having a find it contest!!

Oct 29, 2012

Super cute AG stuff+a review!

Hi Girls! Jessie designed my blog!! Isn't it gorgeous, I really love it! I <3 it!;) Thanks Jessie!

Most of you know I have been wanting this American Girl bed for quite a while!
Even though I don't have this bed yet, I wanted to make a review for you just in case you were planning on purchasing it.
  • This bed is $129 with the bedding.
  • I love the bedding because it's flowers!
  • The bedding has several colors, pink, blue, yellow, green, and white.
  • It comes with 3 adorable pillows
  • It features a curved backboard with a raised blossom design, plus a trundle that pulls out for sleepovers. Includes two soft mattresses for a good night's sleep.
  • Overall, I'd say buy this bed and LOVE it!
Thanks for reading!

Oct 27, 2012

New design?

Hey Girls!
I was thinking of getting a new design, but I don't know who to ask..;) So if you're interested in Designing my blog please email me!! ~Danielle

Oct 22, 2012

Auditions for MissAmericanGirl! My own pageant!!

Hi Y'all! This is my very own pageant! Please enter!! ~Danielle

Oct 17, 2012

What's up Danielle?!

Hey Girls!
I have been super busy with violin, Dance, and I've been sick:/ I have no time for posting! I'll have to fit it in though. I will try to post every other day, is that okay? Thank you Jess and Rose for posting! You've both made my blog running, so that's great! Unfourtanately, I will to invite a new author for the 2 week trial. I wonder who it will be...:) Thanks for still following and for 61 followers!!!


Angles and Such ~ Experimental Photography

I love this picture of Marie. <3



Which picture was your favorite?

Oct 16, 2012

AmericanGirlFan post!!

Liz, from AmericanGirlFan, did a post about me!!!!!:) Come here to see:!!

Randomness! by Jess

Happy Tuesday everyone! :) I hope you enjoy my randomness post.

Have you received the new AG Holiday catalog yet? I haven't, but their website has been totally transformed! It's really pretty:

My favorite new thing out of this catalog would probably be:

The Rosy Red outfit! :D I simply adore this dress! (And the doll wearing it.)

What are you most excited about this coming holiday season?

~ Jessica ~

Oct 13, 2012

Hello! :)

Hello! :) My name is Jessica, I am from Rosalyn's Blog and Six Faraway Friends. I'm very excited to be guest posting on this blog!

A little bit about me: I am a teenaged, Christian girl growing up in California. I have three, no four dolls. :) I love to swim, blog, sing, climb trees, hang out with friends, read, write stories... and lots more!


~ Rebecca ~

~ Felicity ~

~ Nellie ~

~ Rosalyn ~

Bye for now!

~ Jess :)

Oct 12, 2012

Meet Marie-Grace

Hi girls!
This is Marie-Grace, my third and final doll.

Name: Marie-Grace Gardner
Name Meaning: Marie means Sea of bitterness and Grace means Grace of God
Favorite Color: Pink!
Fave Food: Chinese
Favorite Hobby: Helping kids out at the orphanage

More About Marie-Grace:
I got Marie-Grace on Christmas of 2011. 
She is my third doll and I love the outfits from her time period {1853}.
She is 9 years-old, shy, loves helping people, and especially love to make new friends.

That's all for today!

Oct 11, 2012

Meet Nikki

Hi again! 
Are you ready to meet my second doll, Nikki?

Name: Nikki C.
Name  Meaning: Victory of the People
Favorite Color: Pink or Green.
Fave Food: Homemade Pizza
Favorite Hobby: Making new outfit designs for Julie to sew!

More about Nikki:

I got Nikki on Christmas of 2010.
She is my second doll and I love styling her hair! <3
She is a My American Girl #23.
She is 10 years-old and loves helping Julie with her sewing by drawing up designs.

Thanks for reading!