Jul 17, 2016

TheMouseMarket Cookies Review

Mo, from The Mouse Market, kindly sent me these adorable cookies to review with you!  

I adore The Mouse Market.  You will find miniature food and food jewelry...which ofcourse the food is not real!  ;)  These cookies are so cute and I know my dolls will love them.  They are so cute to have for your dolls in a photo shoot, stop motion, or just to have.  They are definitely great quality.

Thank you again Mo for letting me do this review and so sorry for the delay.  Make sure to visit TheMouseMarket.com or check out their etsy shop.  :)

Thanks for reading, Danielle 

Nov 20, 2014

Support Zoe-- an important announcement

Thanks for stopping by! 

It would mean a lot to me if you check out this link! All the important info to help Zoe, my family's Border Collie, is in that link. 

Thank you, <3 Danielle 

Jul 11, 2014

Summer Dollie Camp's First Assignment (day 2)

Hi campers!

Are y'all having fun? Hope you are! So far in our camp we have Sophia, Julie, Taylor and Addy. If you aren't registered for camp, you can come here, and then catch up here.

We are on day 2! You'll need your cameras for this assignment. Maybe you're thinking, "My photography isn't even good." That's ok! And I'm sure it is good! The meaning of Summer Dollie Camp: Photography is to help you learn about cameras and how to take better photos. So let's learn about some photography terms.

Incident light- Light falling on a surface, not the light reflected from it. Incident light rays are those that strike an object.

MF- Manual Focus, focusing on an object by using your hand with a lens, not automatically.

and.... now it's YOUR turn to research a term! 

Please email me a photography term with the meaning.

There is one more thing!

Take a picture of your doll wearing a crazy outfit! It can be colorful, wild, cute, hideous, whatever you want! Remember the terms I talked about above and try to use them with your photography. Please send it to me! Please, only 1 picture. :) It will be added to this post! I will also score it!

Things campers need to do:

Send an email to Danielle with a new term you learned about.
Send an email to Danielle with your doll wearing a crazy outfit! 


Sophia and Julie,

Photography Term- Accessory Shoes - also often called "Hot Shoe". The early flash types were simple metal brackets. To install a flash unit, you just slide the mounting foot of the flash into the accessory shoe. No electrical connection is made between camera and flash - it's just a simple and convenient way to attach the flash unit to the camera. Subsequent accessory shoes have been built as part of the camera and usually reat on top of the camera's pentaprism; others are separate items that you mount on the camera body when you need them. Some like the Nikon early professional camera has special dedicated which was designed around the rewind knob.


Edith being a skater clown on one foot!
​So like this called sephia tone, It makes the pic really clear (sometimes) and it'll show the textures of what you're shooting and though it's not very colorful it makes the pic look really great! 
(I'm not sure if I'm explaining very well :)

Allison and Taylor,

Here is my photography term:
Spray and Pray: Shooting a large amount of images without much care, and hoping that one will turn out.

and my dolls Taylor's crazy/wild outfit! LOL! 

Lindsay and Mckenna, 

Aberration: Imperfection in an image caused by defects within a lens.

Kaitlyn and Claire,

claire 038.JPG

Aberration - failing in the ability of a lens to produce a true image.


Jul 10, 2014

Summer Dollie Camp Welcomes You! + Introduction (day 1)

Hi campers!

I am so sorry, yesterday was the first day but I wasn't home all day!

Thank you to the dollies that signed up for Summer Dollie Camp: Photography. We are going to have a lot of fun these next few days!

Well, it's day one which means please introduce yourself to the other girls. So write a little about yourself and your doll in the comments or email it to me and I will add it to this post. :) And feel free to put this button on your blog!


about the campers:

Here is a little about Sophia:
~LOVES horses
~Likes Purple and Green
~Loves Tacos
~Has a blog called That's So Me 
~Loves to eat
~Is tall
~Is a fast runner
~has no siblings or pets
~blond hair

And a little 'bout Julie:
~Plays Basketball
~Likes the 70's 
~Likes bunnies
~Has one sister
~has 2 dogs
~Loves hot dogs
~Likes to read
~Blond hair
~Likes the outdoors


Taylor's full name is :Taylor Alexjandra Mariet Corta.
  She is from the Pita from the Karito Kids doll collection.
 She was born in Mexico but moved to America when she was 6.
  Her Birthday is June 18.
  She is 22 years old and 20 inches,
She is smart, stubborn, always the leader & tends to over think situations.

  She loves swimming, guitar, spicy chicken, tacos, volleyball, kids, riding horses, jewelry, etc
She is going to college to become a ineonatal (infant) nurse because she loves to care and help new-born babies.
'Runs a blog with her friends here http://fourfriendsincollege.blogspot.com/

About me- Addy
- I <3 minions
- I'm ornery
- I like eating healthy
- I like watching 'Liv and Maddie'! 
- I LOVE Disney channel!
- I love animated movies!
- I have 11 siblings
- I have 18 chickens, a horse, and a dog!
- I was born in a van on the highway
- I love guild wars 2 and ever after high! <3



•Loves to dance
•Favorite color is purple
•Current favorite song is Classic
•Loves SUSHI
•Loves photography
•Loves playing with dolls


•Loves Gymnastics
•Favorite Color is purple
•Current favorite song is Let It Go
•Loves Art
•Loves hanging out with her sisters